Gary M. Berke MS. CP
Replacing uncertainty with hope
The first step
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The first step

When welcoming new patients, I conduct an in-depth evaluation of their overall health as well as their sound-side and affected limb or limbs. I then do something I feel is crucial—listen to expectations. After I understand patients’ specific goals, I’ll carefully explain what I can do to help make them a reality. This establishes the starting point for a mutually rewarding relationship complete with realistic anticipations and inspirational benchmarks.

Nice to meet you
Unlike many practitioners who co-specialize in orthotics I have dedicated my career to prosthetics. I feel this specific focus enables me to remain on the field’s forefront, its technological advancements and the latest studies, which directly benefit my patients. I also have extensive experience designing, fabricating and training patients to use state-of-the-art prostheses that fit their physical needs and life goals.

In addition to treating a complete range of conditions including congenital defects and serious accidents, I have committed special focus to pediatric care and the long-term effects of diabetes and vascular disease.

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