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Replacing uncertainty with hope
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Replacing uncertainty with hope

For people who have lost a limb, just wondering if a return to everyday life is possible can be a bigger obstacle than losing the limb itself. And while medical treatment and rehabilitation can help amputees achieve amazing things, the biggest difference between memories of the past and hope for the future is – commitment. One that I made nearly 20 years ago and one that patients must make forever.

The process of returning to life
Prosthetics is so much more than receiving an artificial limb. It’s a process that begins well before being measured for a prosthesis and lasts throughout patients’ lives. I pledge to treat everyone who visits me as an individual versus simply a recipient of an arm or leg, and work to ensure they have the complete skill set necessary to return to the things they love. And I remain committed to patient wellness for as long as they require my services. For consultation, support and the assurance of having an expert opinion whenever it’s needed.

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