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Philosophy of care

I strive to initiate a relationship before patients leave the hospital. This early interaction helps alleviate stress as well as establishes trust and a critical communication path that allows my patients and I to feel comfortable with each other and the condition. Throughout the treatment process, I spend as much time with each patient as necessary to ensure they are fully confident using their prosthesis. And I’m always available to answer any questions and address any issues that might arise.

Group interaction
When an accident or condition requires an artificial limb, the prospect and process is stressful for patients and support group alike. I strongly believe in involving and educating family and caretakers so they can best contribute each patient’s recovery and adjustment to the prosthesis. This helps everyone overcome fear, inhibitions and the unknown, and establishes an always-present support group that goes a long way toward a positive outcome.

Care for life
Whether patients require routine attention or get up and return to an active life without continual need of my services, I am there for life. This is true for current patients and those who haven’t been patients for years.

When it’s time for patients to be fitted with a custom prosthesis, they have the assurance of knowing I work with the industry’s leading manufacturers to create limbs that look, fit and work great. I have extensive experience in hand-designing and closely supervising the creation of cosmetic prostheses with artful shaping, sculpting and coloring that give patients much more than just the confidence of functionality.

Fitting the individual
Everyone is built differently. So a prosthesis that works perfectly for one patient, won’t necessarily work for another – even if he and she are the exact same dimensions or share the same goals. So whether a new limb requires some fine-tuning or it feels great the first time we put it on, I pledge to provide maximum comfort and operability.

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